Who are we

CAEsoft Consulting SL was founded in Spain at the end of 1997, to supply specific software for engineers, focusing on the added value of supporting and rapidly training users.

When talking about engineering, it is also necessary to discuss excellence in methods. Software-based methods of analysis acquire a very prominent role in modern engineering. Software permits the expedition of certain tasks, a better understanding of certain processes, prior simulation of installations, early estimation of costs. We could say that no engineering company or technical office nowadays considers working without a minimal computer base. However, computing is riddled with lock-ins and hidden costs. Many developers and manufacturers seek lock-ins through extremely costly hardware systems, CAD or data bases. They conceal outrageous training programmes, modules or additional components which had not been mentioned at the time of the sale. As a result of the tremendous frustration caused by these investments many companies do not decisively embark upon analysis (following a painful experience in the area of CAD). At CAEsoft we work in the Windows or LINUX environments, but always with conventional, low-cost machines (which does not mean low calculation power). All our software packages follow a policy of openness and exchange towards other platforms, which makes them non-critical investments. We also require the sustained cost of software, working with international prices (users will pay the same price as if they bought the software at source). We always endeavour to provide users with realistic information on the possible costs of training, hardware or additional modules.

Our experience of CAD/CAE and projects, which goes back to the beginning of the nineties, led us to the conclusion that the key to the successful implementation of a new software method did not lie in the software, it actually lies in the user. Obviously good software improves productivity, is more user-friendly etc, etc, etc .. BUT IN THE END THAT SOFTWARE PACKAGE WILL BE USED BY A USER.

The key lies in how that user is trained, how he is supported and how his knowledge is updated. At CAEsoft we consider service for each specific engineer, disregarding his company, aware that the key to achieving the productive use of the software lies in our users.

CAEsoft added value

At CAEsoft we have rapid, on-site courses which facilitate assimilation of the software as soon as you acquire it, making it possible for the investment to result in profits for the company as quickly as possible. Fast, quality customer service is available via e-mail or telephone; we endeavour to be useful without tying ourselves to the limited obligations of a support contract. Our courses are practical, reasonable and customized to our users’ needs. Consequently, our added value is the rapid response to engineers’ analysis requirements in fields which are as varied as the mechanical analysis by finite elements, fatigue analysis, acoustic simulation, design and simulation of processing plants… always in close collaboration with the developer in those cases where we cannot directly answer a question. As a result of our experience we have a portfolio of very select and quality applications of very varied developers who are leaders in their fields and have proven versatility.


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